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The Griffin

Community Trust  

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Registered Charity No. 1013308


Frequently Asked Questions...


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Do the students live with the elderly residents?

No. The students live in Griffin House, which is adjacent to Shaftsbury Lodge where the residents live.

How many students live at Griffin House?

There are 23 medical and dental students from Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry living at Griffin House. They are either in their 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th year or studying for the intercalated BSc. Students live in one of 6 flats each with 4 bedrooms with the exception of one of the flats where a bedroom was converted into a storage room for our keen cyclists.

What is the role of a Griffin Student?

Students are expected to befriend the elderly residents of Shaftesbury Lodge, giving at least one hour of their time per week to their allocated resident. It is intended that strong links should be forged between the students and their elderly neighbours and that they will enjoy spending time together, not only on a one-to-one basis but also at group social activities. Events take place twice a month and students are expected to attend - these range from games nights at Shaftesbury Lodge to afternoon tea at the Dorchester! Each student will be involved in organising 2 events throughout the year, usually in groups of 3 as well as volunteering at Toynbee Hall in Aldgate once a term. You can find more information about Toynbee Hall here. In addition, some students take on committee roles such as Student Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Shaftsbury Rep, Toynbee Hall Rep or non-committee positions such as Transport Co-ordinator, Photographer and Media Rep. Those in their 1st year at Griffin are expected to take on one of these roles.

As a Griffin Student, are you expected to care for the elderly residents?

Students are not part-time care-workers or resident doctors/dentists and should not be seen as such. Students do not take the place of any professional social services that are available to the residents. Students do not give medical advice or treatment. Students are not responsible for the well-being or health of the elderly residents. In emergency situations, we have a protocol that all Griffin Students adhere to.

If I apply, when will I know whether I have been successful?

Interviews will take place in March. Successful applicants will be informed in April 2021

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